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We are a team of researchers and engineers who believe in the sustainability advantage. Every product and service we offer is developed considering sustainability. We humans have exceeded earth capacity of self revival through our economic and development activities. Hence we have adapted circular economy and low carbon foot print in our products and services. We have a strong R&D and innovation commitment, hence you can expect constantly new environment friendly products and services from us. When you come to Sampdure we assure you peace of mind regarding our nature and environment, because we take responsibility of your sustainability needs.

We at Sampdure have adapted this concept in to the lifecycle of our products. Our products are designed and developed based on Circular Economy and Sustainability advantage.

We employ best manufacturing methods to match international standards. Every product of Sampdure are strong and durable and are manufactured considering the sustainability advantage. Sampdure products are long lasting, however if you ever think that you no longer use the product, then feel free to return the product to us. We take care of the eco-friendly recycling of the product.


Clean Earth Solutions

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Clean Earth Solutions aims at eliminating or reducing our environmental footprint. This can be in several ways like preventing street litter, cleaning legacy waste, reduction of waste generation at source, reducing emissions, reducing energy consumption, water consumption among others. We are also working on Robotic solutions to achieve Clean Earth. We give customized solutions depending on your sustainability needs.

Get in touch with us to know more about Clean Earth Solutions and what we have to offer you.

Recycling & Raw material recovery

Extended Producer Responsibility

Recycling & Raw material recovery

( A bottle containing Polypropylene Recycled Plastic Pellets )

As part of our goals to bringing the true meaning of circular economy, we do end to end recycling.

We recover raw-materials from used plastic products and convert them in to intermediate products like plastic pellets which can be further used as a raw-materials to make other products. Plastic pellets are small like food grains and can be easily transported to product manufacturing factories where they are melted and moulded in to products of various shape. These plastic pellets go through a rigorous process of washing and cleaning, hence they are contaminant free and can be readily used for making products.

Extended Producer Responsibility Projects

EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) is a mechanism though which a product manufacturer takes responsibility to recycle the packaging of the product or the product as a whole at the end of their life. EPR can be achieved also by committing to recycle an equivalent quantity of plastic product and packaging produced by a company. As per the govt. regulations producers or brand owners are required to comply with EPR rules.

We take EPR projects in collaboration with your product sales and supply chains. Coupled with our recycling facilities we can give you precise records on where the waste goes and how they are eventually recycled. Please get in touch with us to know more on how Sampdure can help you to achieve your EPR goals efficiently and reduce your environmental foot print.

Innovation & Research

Research and development is an inherent part of our product and technical solution development. We involve research in every stage of our product development starting from prior-art research, conceptualization, prototyping and refinements based on customer needs. We assure that our products evolve in a research laboratory with the best innovative minds at work for developing the best solution for a particular need. We also constantly receive feedbacks from the market and end users to improve the product further. We are also working on Robotic solutions to achieve environmental sustainability.

Earth Sustainability Robotics and Technology

( Design of an Underwater Robot for Marine Environmental Studies )

Earth Sustainability Robotics and Technology

We have been interacting with the Earths delicate environment for the past several decades without taking adequate care. We have been using the earth’s resources without considering its sustainability. Hence we are left with an environment and surroundings which are polluted beyond the natural cleansing capability of earth. We are now thrust with an enormous and urgent responsibility to clean the earth and bring back the environment in to its natural state where human life can continue to coexist. Sampdure is working on Robotics and Technology development for cleaning the environment. For example Autonomous robots for beach cleaning powered by AI based image recognition sensory system. These robots can see and identify various kinds of waste littered on beaches, recognise them and collect them in respective destinations allocated for the various kinds of wastes. We also work on special purpose high technology machines which support various activities related to earth cleanse-up.

For technology development we do joint research and development with DEXBOTIX company located in the eastern cost of India in Visakhapatnam.


( Underwater Robot with Autonomous Vision Based Tracker being tested )

Extended Activities

Apart from our core operations of Product development and Clean Earth Solutions, we also organize as well as take part in community efforts to sensitize our society about the ill effects of environmental pollution and how we can adapt a sustainable lifestyle. Given below are some of the events we have been part of.

Scaled-up Upcycled Macaw Parrot Art Installation – Art of Carnival, Arambol, GOA

Battery Recycling Drive – Art of Carnival, Arambol, GOA

Blend of Art & Environment: Beach Cleanup and Environmental Awareness event in Kozhikode Beach

Talk on Zero Waste Management Strategies to Azhiyur Panchayat officials.

Clean-up of Kuttiadi Canal

Scaled-up Upcycled Macaw Parrot Art Installation – Art of Carnival, Arambol, GOA

Art of Carnival is an informal beach carnival conducted in the Arambol beach every year for the past two decades. Art of Carnival was founded and run by Mr. ZouZou who hails from Amsterdam in Netherlands. Last year in February 2020, Sampdure look part in the event and along with the help of a team of volunteers we made a scaled-up Macaw Parrot Art Installation using upcycled waste materials. The theme of the carnival was “The Jungle” and the Art Installation we made was to highlight the need for a Cleaner Earth for the sustainability of Nature and the animals in the Jungles.

Battery Recycling Drive – Art of Carnival, Arambol, GOA

In continuation with the Art of Carnival in 2020, we conducted a joint recycling drive of used batteries in association with Mr. ZouZou and Global E-waste Management System (GEMS) a Govt. authorized E-waste recycling company. This was the first time such a recycling drive was conducted in Arambol. Thanks to ZouZou and GEMS for the collaboration and efforts.

( ZouZou handing over a battery recycling collection box to a shop in Arambol )

Blend of Art & Environment: Beach Cleanup and Environmental Awareness event in Kozhikode Beach.

We conducted an environmental awareness drive in Kozhikode beach in association with Poomaram Art group and ZouZou. The goal was to educate the beach community about importance of keeping beaches clean and litter free. Apart from a beach cleanup, we also performed music and songs with the theme of environmental preservation. Thanks to Poomaram group and ZouZou for their wonderful support !!

Talk on Zero Waste Management Strategies to Azhiyur Panchayat officials

Azhiyur village Panchayat is located just adjacent to Mahe in Kerala. We visited the waste management facilities of Azhiyur and the Fishing Port of Azhiyur and gave a talk on Zero Waste Management Strategies to the Azhiyur Panchayat officials and waste management team.

Clean-up of Kuttiadi Canal

The Kuttiyadi Canal is part of the Kuttiyadi River which has been recently widened for commercial water transport of goods in the future. We did a cleanup of the canal with the support of the local community in the Kottappally area. We are planning to continue such cleanups and create awareness among the local community to keep our water bodies clean which will indirectly help to keep our oceans clean.

Collaboration – National & International
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Like minded hearts work best together……………..!

We are open to collaborations irrespective of any cultural, religious or geographical boundaries. We are a diverse team with people all-over India working together. We have collaborators from other countries like Japan, Netherlands, Australia and Dubai to name a few. Feel free to get in touch with us if you think that our goals are similar in some ways. We would be delighted to hear from you.

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